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Details of other policy documents which may be of interest to BACCH members

Title Organisation Date

Intercollegiate Framework - Safeguarding Children and Young People roles and competences for health care staff

It is likely that the framework will need to be reviewed again in 2013 in light of the proposed structural changes across the NHS and other services in England.

Royal Colleges 2010

18 Week Pathway

The Executive Committee has developed the following document on 18 week referral outcomes appropriate for the nature of problems presented to Community Paediatrics

BACCH 2009

UK-WHO Growth Charts

The charts are available in an A4 format and have six separate charts for insertion into the Personal Child Health Record (PCHR). There is also a new specialist Low Birthweight A4 chart for births from 23 weeks gestation.

RCPCH/DoH 2009





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