Affiliate Groups

The British Academy of Childhood Disability (BACD) is an organisation for professionals working in the field of childhood disability. It is a specialty group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and acts as the UK branch of the European Academy of Childhood Disability. BACD encourages membership from all disciplines working in the field of childhood disability. For more information visit

The British Association of Paediatricians in Audiology (BAPA) is an association of paediatricians practising audio-vestibular medicine. BAPA has its roots in the former British Association of Community Doctors in Audiology (BACDA). BAPA represents all paediatricians with an interest in children’s hearing, and in whatever setting this is delivered. BAPA also seeks to be at the forefront of professional development in the field of paediatric audiovestibular medicine. BAPA has an additional role as a special interest group of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and has taken up the challenge to work closely with the RCPCH on workforce planning, specialist training and development of competencies and standards for the paediatric speciality of audiovestibular medicine. For more information visit

The Child Protection Special Interest Group (CPSIG) was established as a forum for paediatricians working in the field of child maltreatment. The Group works closely with the RCPCH Child Protection Standing Committee and organises regularly regional and national study day event and develops training resources. CPSIG is open to all professionals working with children in need and in child protection. For more information visit

The British Association for Child and Adolescent Public Health (previously known as the Child Public Health Interest Group) is a joint group of BACCH and the Faculty of Public Health. It is dedicated to the development of child public health within both paediatrics and public health. Membership is open to members of BACCH and FPH who have an interest in the subject area and to child health practitioners from other disciplines. CPHIG has a forum that can be accessed via the FPH. For more information on CPHIG visit

The Paediatric Mental Health Association (PMHA) is a group of professionals interested in developing and promoting the role of paediatricians in mental health. Although many members are paediatricians, there is also substantial representation from psychiatry and psychology professionals. For more information visit

Special Interest Group

The George Still Forum (GSF) is a group of paediatricians dedicated to improving care and increasing awareness of ADHD in children and adolescents. It also aims to share information in relation to current issues in providing services to individuals and their families, and to bring nationwide issues to the notice of NHS commissioners. For more information visit


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